Funko Pop Ghost Face, Scream #51, fake or real?

When we compare the boxes, there are a number of key differences to clearly know which one is the fake and which one is the original. The first thing to note is the size and typography in “Movies” next to the Pop! logo, in the upper-right corner. Secondly, the width of the white border that outlines the box to display the figure inside. Third, for its part, the background color on the number “51” in the upper-left corner has a blue tone. To finish up, the “Warning” font at the bottom of the box is not bold, as it is in the original.

Now, out of the fox, the pop figure has a great detail to check out: the blood on the knife is entirely different between both versions. In the original it has splashes and accompanies the right edge, while in the fake the bleeding is solid covering the final part of the knife. Also, the painting of the eyes and boots are more opaque, although that is hard to tell for everyone by viewing photos.

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