Pop Limitado

Ghost Face, Scream #51

When we compare the boxes, there are a number of key differences to clearly know which one is the fake and which one is the original. The first thing to note is the size and typography in “Movies” next to the Pop! logo, in the upper-right corner. Secondly, the width of the white border that […]


Rocky Balboa #18

It is so easy to spot the fake Rocky Balboa once you know its main detail: the missing withe rectangle in the center of the belt on the pop figure. But also, the rectangle on each of the gloves of the fake are bigger. About the box, the width of the border around the face […]


Alan and Baby Carlos (Hangover) #15

Taken out of the box, the main details of the fake figure are the size of the outline of the beard around the mouth, the mouth itself, and the distance between the beard and the glasses. Also, differences are observed in the painting in general, and the skin tone, although that is hard to validate […]