Funko Pop Snow White #08, fake or real?

On the front of the box, we notice that the original does not have the “Age + 15” warning in the bottom corner, nor can we see the other more centered warning.

In the image on the back of the box we can see a big difference in the design of the Jiminy Criquet, especially the hat. The fireworks explosion is located in a different location, as can be seen in the space between Mike and Maleficent. However, the character with the biggest differences between the boxes is Stitch.

The bottom of the box is truly different. The typography used in the reference code (FM141220 in the case of the fake), the location of several descriptions and the absence of the image of Snow White put the fake box in evidence.

The fake pop has significant differences regarding the head mold, eyelashes, and general coloring, as well as the much more detailed hands seen in the original.

Photos examples of the fake version, carefully taken from the Internet:

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